Investment Options

Types of Property

It has been said that property has made more people rich than shares have.  There are a variety of investment property options available.  They include:

  • Residential (including apartments)

Residential property investment has always been a popular investment option for Australians.  It is a proven way of bringing long term healthy returns to investors and the demand for rental properties is constantly growing- everybody needs somewhere to live!

  • Commercial

Commercial property investments have the potential to give higher returns than residential properties.  Commercial property leases often last longer than residential property leases, often several years opposed to 6-12 months.  They therefore give greater certainty of rental income.

  • Land

Constant demand for buildable land means that land price is continually increasing.  It is a more affordable option as there are never any improvements (like structural improvement that may need to be made on investment properties) needed to be made, and maintenance costs are low.  There is also the benefit that you will never have to search for or evict tenants.  Unlike property investments though, investing in land does not bring an immediate cash flow.  Also, geological surveys and block rubbish clears can be weighty expenses.


It is important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each property investment choice before making your decision.  Our consultants are here to provide expert advice to help and guide you in deciding which type of property investment is right for you in the Gold Coast market.


Why Invest in Land and/ or Property?

  • Peace of mind

Investing in real estate is a safer, stress free form of investing.  Unlike companies that can easily become bankrupt, there is always, and will always be a need for property and land.  Real estate investments never become obsolete, especially in the thriving Queensland region of the Gold Coast.

  • Continual return of investment

As a long term investment, real estate investment provides a continual flow of money that comes straight back to you.  There is no time limit to this return of investment, as long as your property has tenants, you will make money.

  • Continual capital growth

Over the long term properties increase in value.  This means that the rental income you earn will only increase over time.  The better your property selection, the better you returns will be.  This is why it is essential that you seek our guidance in what to buy, where to buy and how to manage your real estate investment.

  • Anyone can do it

Property investment isn’t limited to just the wealthy.  It doesn’t take large amounts of money to get involved in real estate, yet returns can be huge!

  • You have full control

Investing in real estate leaves you in charge of making all decisions and means that you have direct control over the returns of your investment.

  • Tax benefits

There are a range of tax benefits available to property investors.

  • You can add value

With modifications and additions it is possible to add value to your property.  Increasing the value of your property will increase the revenue you can make off it!

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